New extended portfolio of micro/snap-action switches

Miniature, Subminiature and Microminiature DM Series

knitter-switch has extended the product range of micro/snap-action switches available to the market.

These products are used in diverse applications, such as: car comfort accessories, tooling and industrial machines, household appliances, adjustable furniture ie. desks or medical beds & bedside tables, stairlifts also anti-tamper contacts and a whole range of other product applications.

The new extended portfolio of micro/snap-action switches from knitter-switch is now a much wider product range, offering leading edge features. With more options of ratings (up to 26 Amps) an extended temperature range    (125 °C and upwards) There is a variety of actuators and contact options available. Additionally, there is a wider choice of sealed switches down to sub-miniature sizes.

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