New Anti-Vandal Switch

New Miniature Push-Pull Switch for high Quality and Design

knitter-switch, one of Europe’s leading switch manufacturers, has again extended its product range of Anti-Vandal Switches. The new MPPE 2 NB Switch is a miniature Push-Pull switch for highest requirements of the environment and design. It can be used for remote control, car accessory, industrial automation or 3D printers – for example as an emergency stop switch.

The knitter-switch MPPE 2NB with the 2PDT switching function is sealed around and rated up to IP 67. The Robustness-Rating is IK 10. The contacts are available gold plated for dry switching or silver for 1 Amp@120 VAC and 38 VDC.

For the premium design the standard knob of aluminum can be ordered anodized in several colors. Alternatively the knob can also be delivered in varnished brass or stainless steel with PVD coating.

The new MPPE 2NB – as well as the complete wide range of standard DIL, tact, rotary encoder, toggle and push-button switches are available directly from knitter-switch and a number of distributors throughout Europe. Samples are available on request. 

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